4 Trends for Summer 2016: Bold Stripes, Architectural Shoulders, Chunky Heels & the Saddle Bag

It’s April 26th as I’m compiling this post and according to my iPhone the week  see heavy rain and highs of 11C for the British capital. But fear not this is not a weather forecast, just a trend forecast for the summer – granted it will grace as with its presence.

During the SS16 shows in Fall 2015 we saw the seventies allure going strong from stripes at Proenza Schouler, Mary Katrantzou and surprise (!) at Missoni (although they were much thicker and bolder compared to the more obscure versions of seasons past), to metallics at Loewe and Isabel Marant, Saddle Bags at Chloé and Altuzarra, and the new cold shoulder — everywhere. But for any fashion conscious girl or boy out there, you know that fashion is rarely disconnected from the socio-political, and cultural status quo. Au contraire – it usually mirrors it. I must admit that lately I’ve been noticing this 70s nostalgia everywhere: From regularly listening to Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin waiting in line to get my morning cappuccino – not from an indie Brick Lane café but at Starbucks & Pret, to lusting over Olivia Wilde’s turbans, high-waisted denim bell bottoms, and pastel colored lace tops at HBO’s Vinyl (Martin Scorcesse’s and Migg Jagger’s take of the seventies record industry), to Coachella being the more polished, PG-13 version of Woodstock, to the rise of second-wave feminism role models, the popularity of issues such as LGBT, race, hedonism and sexual liberation reminiscent of Mai 68. In short, yes the seventies are back, big time.

But back to the runway trends:

Bold Stripes

030816-stripes-horizontal-embedHistorically, it was considered taboo to wear stripes due to religious issues, but most importantly stripes were employed to distinguish someone from the rest. The connotations of this approach evolved from being plain evil, to negative, mysterious, and finally to fashionable and haute-couture. From prisoners’ uniforms to tailored suits, a street sign to a set of sheets, Pablo Picasso to Saint Joseph, stripes have always made a bold statement.

At first the stripe was associated with rebels, outcasts, prisoners because it was easier to be see them if they escaped. But in 1850, Queen Victoria dressed one of her sons in stripes, more specifically in a sailor’s suit, thus birthing the nautical trend. In the early 1920’s Coco Chanel wore striped tops to her trips to the French Riviera, turning the stripes into fashionable wear.

Stripes dominated the 2015 catwalks but this year something changed: They became bolder, thicker and completely asymmetrical. On the runways we saw it on Salvatore Feragamo, Prada, and Missoni who contrary to their usual thin stripe this year saw them employing thicker stripes in unusual combinations such as neon green and brown shades.

Chunky Heels


From 2015 the ode to the 70’s is evident. Following the Mad Men/ kitten heel of the 50’s and the heels of the 60’s round toe pumps. In the 70s were all about bold statements, pop of color, over the top heels, platforms. You’re edgier, a bit of a badass and definitely less dainty.


spring_summer_2016_fashion_trends_off_the_shoulder_cutoutsAccording to Sarah Watson, VP of Social Commerce at the Yoox Group (including Net-A-Porter) shoulders are a massive trend for SS16, but there’s a noticeable shift in the trend.  Last year it was all about the bare boho shoulder, while this year shoulders are more concealed.  There’s more architecture, and geometrical cut-outs near the neckline that leave the shoulders exposed.

Saddle Bag

I don’t know if you noticed but the true protagonist of Coachella weekend Instagram craze wasn’t Kylie Jenner’s cut-out LV swim suit, nor Kendal Jenner’s John Lennon inspired sunnies. The ultimate accessory was the SaddleBag. Coachella aside, we’ve spotted bloggers such as the Blonde Salad and Song of Style featuring it. It’s really an homage to the seventies made famous by Chloé, Coach and Altuzarra. I love it because it’s really versatile, casual-chic and you can wear it effortlessly across the body to festivals, shopping at the beach or even as part of your business attire.

What will you be wearing this Spring/ Summer season?

Send me your comments below!




Trends for 2016:Androgyny, Romanticism & Seventies Polished Bohemia

2015’s Normcore is 2016’s Gender Duality. 

Let me explain.

The social and political landscape of 2015 paved the way for 2016’s major trend which is Gender Duality: From the legalization of gay marriage in the US (oh and in Greece by the way which is one of the most conservative societies globally), the infamous I am Kaitlyn cover, the rise of second-wave feminism especially through pop-culture and fashion alike shed light on the issue of gender identity. In other words how conventional ideals about femininity and masculinity do not apply in 2016. In order to pay tribute to this blending of the sexes 2016 PANTONE named not one but two trend colors for 2016 and those are: Rose Quartz, and Serenity.


Photo Credit: [Slate.com] Pantone Colors of the year 2016

The way we perceive our bodies, our identity,and sexuality cannot be defined by social conventions. For example, if we assume that what we choose to wear every morning is an extension of our personality, a form of non-verbal communication with the world.

Many will argue that fashion is frivolous, superficial, and that there are far more important things in the world than clothes. From the potential collapse of the EU, to the financial crisis, the war in Syria and of course the rise of terrorism. But then again isn’t everything less significant than the face of terrorism?

Even people who eloquently argue ” I don’t care about fashion”, make a conscious choice to visually translate this message through their conservative attire. I wonder how would they feel if they were forced to wear a sequined dress and heels everyday? Or how would a man who identifies himself as a female feels when he’s forced to abide by social expectations of masculinity and dress in a suit and tie i.e. being forced to incorporate elements that are opposed to personal preferences, sexuality, taste and ultimately their identity.  So yes fashion in that respect is as important as what we choose to eat, who we choose to hang out with, what music, films and books we enjoy, and it’s not such a light-hearted issue as many would make it out to be.

And this brings us to the first trend for 2016

Trend 1: Androgyny

Image-1.jpgCelebrities like Kaitlyn Jenner, Ruby Rose and Jeyden Smith have really highlighted the philosophical, and social definition of womanhood and manhood. That definition has shifted, and blurred. As a result, the visual representation of those definitions have also blurred. There’s not one absolutely defined male or feminine outfit.

Key Items

For women: the CutOut Blazer. Not so much synching at the waist, and a little longer and straight lines such as from Rag & Bone, Theory blazers. Pants are a little shorter, cropped reminiscent of the Annie Hall, androgynous look.

Trend 2: Romanticism

FullSizeRender-12The concept came from the 19th century, think Jane Austen at the turn of the century with women wearing lace, corsets and spanish influences for example by bearing their shoulders. Romanticism derives from the urge to highlight ones emotions, accentuating the senses and broadcasting love, anger, yearning through your attire. That coincided with the end of the French Revolution and the start of the Industrial revolution which made lace more available. Alongside this trend we saw the rise of the nature trend which grew almost symbiotically as it represents the need for self-reflection. Think of an artist by his/her fabulous lonesomeness (not loneliness) in the woods.

Key Items

Delicate materials, off the shoulder blouses to accentuate the neckline will be the go to top for summer. In contrast to 2015’s cold shoulder trend, this year we’ll see a lot more definition, and architectural necklines that leave the shoulders exposed. The bigger sleeves is another trend transcending from last year, reminiscent of Spanish puffy sleeves. Proenza Shouler and Michael Kors presented the trend during their respective AW16 shows.

Trend 3: Seventies Polished Bohemia

FullSizeRender-13The seventies influence will continue its reign through 2016 and we’ve already seen in on the catwalks, and Coachella 2016. As we approach summer festival season seventies will be the norm. Don’t forget your face glitter and bold -coloured feather earrings.

Key items

Embracing bold colors, the bell bottom trousers, bell sleeves, denim on denim, and defining the waist. For example with high waisted jeans, shorts or skirts. Under the seventies umbrella we will be seeing other items emerging such as unique bold stripes, chunky heels, capri pants, frayed hem cropped denim, ruffles and saddle bags think Chloé, Coach and Altuzzara.

A more detailed report on that coming soon, so stay tuned!






How To Wear: The Frayed Crop Denim

If there’s one single item that you should invest in this season it’s the frayed crop denim. This exquisitely raw yet feminine approach to jeans is reminiscent of an elegant hybrid between Jane Birkin and Audrey Hepburn, and has now flooded our Instagram newsfeed: From Alexa Chung, to Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine, and actress Emma Roberts, there’s no getting away from the new figure-flattering casual wear. If you want to nail the frayed crop denim look this Spring/ Summer season scroll down for tips, a guide on how to cut your jeans, and the best styles to shop now.

 Choosing the right length
Whether you’re purchasing a new design or taking a pair of scissors and cutting your jeans with bravery, you need to be wary of the length. Note to petite women like myself: Try the trousers on and make sure that the hem of the jeans rests just above your ankle. If you’re too hesitant about taking on sewing, take it to the tailor. If not scroll down on how to deploy it correctly. This throwback ankle-bearing is exactly what makes this trend uniquely fresh and feminine after all, so make sure you nail it.

 Don't Distress Too Much
The 70’s revival that we’re currently encountering is truly refreshing. Invigorating pops of color stand out beautifully on bold prints, and innocent white lace dresses, contrast with distressed leather jackets and cropped jeans. But that doesn’t mean going all-out Woodstock overload. When it comes to your jeans, the frayed hem is all you need. More patches, distressing or patterns will result in a clownish rather than an elegant, stylish outfit.

Which Top?
When opting for a top, go for a cool silk long-sleeved blouse, or a cotton crisp shirt. Tuck the shirt in your high-waisted trousers to show off your silhouette and to accentuate your curves. If you leave the shirt hanging over your jeans it will draw undesired attention to your middle section, while the added volume of your flared bottoms can make you look quite frumpy. Extra tip: As summer season is upon us try a marinere/ stripped patterned shirt for the ultimate marine look.

Figuring out the outerwear
The foolproof move here is to team the distressed jeans with structured outerwear such as a funky blazer, or a sleek and streamlined raincoat. As the days grow warmer you might want to trade that coat with a smart little cardigan, just make sure that the length hits you around the waist, or if you want a slightly longer option make sure that you tie it in with an elegant belt.

Mules, boots, or ballet flats?
The equally sartorially valiant trend this year is the mule. And what’s better than sporting the biggest must-have of the season? Sporting two, duh. Mules can add a modern touch and a voguish nonchalance to the entire look. Finish it off with a shirt, or even a basic tee and matching leather jacket. If you go for boots, make sure that the jeans hit at or below the top of the boots. When in doubt, opt for the recently revived ballet flat. Added styling bonus for lacing them up and doning the ballerina off-duty look.

Time to DIY: How to Cut Your Frayed Hem Jeans


As a petite woman myself, I’m about 5ft 4, I know that finding the optimum hem length can be tricky. But when there’s a will there’s a way, or a fun way to spend your Sunday afternoon.
1. For your special DIY project you’ll only need two tools: A p

 A pair of sharp fabric scissors and a seam ripper.

2. Get those jeans cleaned, and iron them efficiently. Any wrinkling will mess about your cutting process.

3. So, now  you’re jeans are clean and ready for a make-over! Put them on and make a small mark just 2 inches above your ankle.

4. Take that pair of scissors and cut evenly across.

5. Now to the fun part: Take the seam ripper and pull a few cotton fibers from the raw bottom. Then use your fingers to pull a few more and give it your own unique look, just don’t overdo it. If you feel that you’ve gone crazy with the pulling fear not and start trimming.

Try them on! How do they look? Feel free to leave your comments below!



Best Style Buys

ASOS Northmore Patchwork Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans £38.00

ASOS Northmore Patchwork Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans


ASOS Only Royal Ankle Grazer Jeans With Knee Rips

ASOS Only Royal Ankle Grazer Jeans With Knee Rips £30.00

ASOS Only Royal Ankle Grazer Jeans With Knee Rips


MARQUES ALMEIDA Frayed Hem Jeans £250.00


SEE BY CHLOÉ Cropped mid-rise flared jeans

SEE BY CHLOÉ Cropped mid-rise flared jeans

SEE BY CHLOÉ Cropped mid-rise flared jeans


STELLA MCCARTNEY Frayed-hem mid-rise flared cropped jeans

STELLA MCCARTNEY Frayed-hem mid-rise flared cropped jeans

STELLA MCCARTNEY Frayed-hem mid-rise flared cropped jeans


7 gadgets to make flights more enjoyable



Photo Credit [Pinterest.com] Vintage flight attendant style

Summer season is upon us. Whether you’ve been dreaming a week in the Caribbean, a 4night stay in Morocco or a month of island hopping in Greece, you will need to get there some how. By plane usually.


But cramming in a confined space for at least 4 hours if traveling in Europe or god knows how long if you’re crossing the Atlantic, you’ll definitely need a few cool ways to relax, decompose and actually enjoy the trip. It’s the journey, not the destination after all that matters. Ok the exotic destination matters too.


1.Noise Canceling Headphones


Photo Credit [DigitalTrends.com] Sony MDR-ZX750BN Noise Canceling EarPhones

Babies, long chats in the back seat from someone who has never been to the cost of Malta and want to know everything on the flight, or god forbid a lover’s spat, there’s nothing worst than noise in a confined space at 30,000 feet. But fear not my dear Galante reader. Sony has produced great quality headphones that act as a sonic buffer between you and any source of noise. Sit back, relax and enjoy your Taylor Swift album or the latest Game of Thrones episode on your iPad without any distractions.


  1. The Butt Pad


Photo Credit [Magellan’s] Butt Pad

Apparently not one but a few companies out there decided to capitalize on uncomfortable airline seats and provide the support your derriere desperately needs while on a flight. To be honest, I haven’t come across many airlines that provide desperately crappy seating but if you fly on a budget airline, you’ll need all the extra comfort you can get. Magellan has a vast variety of seat cushions in its in-flight-comfort category, including an inflatable version for extra support on your back and posterior. Head to SkyMall for a gell-filled seat which is though accompanied by a hefty price tag.


  1. That Neck Pillow

Neck pillows are essential on long haul flights. There are two types: The absolutely important/ sleek designed ones and the incredibly embarrassing ones that feel like your head is resting on a cloud. If you go for the first category try an oxygen pillow, which is small, made from white-latex foam and converts into an easy to carry bundle.If you don’t mind spending a few more quid on a quality product, try the Sushi Pillow that rolls into a minuscule gizmo when not in use.

Time for the embarrassing: The popular Ostrich pillow that slips underneath your entire head, and looks like a funny religious head gear or the Traverest pillow for ultimate support in a telephone-shaped product,


  1. The Blankie-Wear

Infomercials  will have you know that there’s nothing better than bedding as outerwear. That fusion translates into the wearable blanket. Thankfully, there are some elegant choices out there so you will not necessarily end up looking like a crazy person in a peculiar blanket garment. Try the Pajancho for comfort and some elegance points or if you simply do not care about public opinion try the Slanket and enjoy your flight to the fullest.


  1. Happy Feet


Photo Credit [Magellan’s]: Foot Rest

Have you ever been on a flight and thanked the creators of that specific plane for manufacturing the foot rest. I know, I have. But much to my dismay, there are many ungrateful plane manufacturers out there that simply don’t care about stretched out, well rested feet. In those circumstances, you can look to SkyMall for a little fold-up plastic one. Or head to Magellan’s for a squishy inflatable one called the Business Class Footrest that sounds too good to pass up, especially when traveling Coach.


  1. Portable Charger

Hands-Free Portable Power Charger

Wi-Fi is more common now on flights but power outlets remain limited. Which means charging all your devices prior to the entire trip, (but what if you’re 3 hours away from the airport?) and praying to god that they will last you until you reach your destination. Unless of course you purchase a Portable Charger. Try one that connects via a USB port with multiple capacities and designs like the Lumsing Power Bank.


  1. Laptop Stand


Photo Credit [Hongiat.com] Wood Laptop Stand for Digital Nomads

I always say to myself that I will get some work done during a flight but I never do. You know why? Partially because I rather enjoy flipping through magazines and getting some shut eye and partially because my lovely co-passenger has leaned back tipping my tray into an impossible angle for my poor laptop to stand a chance. A portable laptop stand though raises the sight line, while providing a more neck-friendly angle. At the moment I have my eyes set on the Aviator laptop stand that disassembles easily into portable pieces.


Final note:

Other devices/ products/ gizmos that will come in handy are:

Hydration cream for face and hands, smart socks to improve blood circulation, chewing gum to avoid those high-altitude blocked ears, and a cheeky hip flask for relaxation. Enjoy your flight!

Debate: In favor of elephant print overalls


PHOTO CREDIT [Trendstop] Print Moodboard for SS16

If you’re browsing through your closet with frustration, trying on clothes and realizing that nothing really meshes well together or that your outfits are mediocre or mmmK.. it means that your closet suffers from Vitamin A or P deficiency. A for accessories and P is for Prints or Patterns. Thank you.
Intergrating patterns into your daily wardrobe can become an arduous task especially if it involves mixing and matching a wide plethora of colors and or fabrics.
So, rule 1: Start small

Mondays or how to wear elephant print

Choose a light, demure pattern preferably in black and white and match it with any type of clothing. Here I’ve paired my elephant printed overalls (which I’m very proud of thanks) with an orange sweater, off white faux fur coat, white high top Vans and light tan colored pochette. (I love saying pochette instead of a mini bag)
Personally, I love tying in sneakers with girlier outfits or how about a slip dress over your Adidas jacket?

PHOTO CREDIT [Just Jared] Kim Kardashian in workout glam at NYC

Athleisure is still going strong so why not pair a beautiful silk slip dress (very on trend and 90’s grunge chic) with a pair of Vans high tops or Adidas. I don’t know if second wave feminism had anything to do with it, but I can assure you millions of women everywhere are thanking the gods of fashion that are denoting the scary stiletto heels of seasons past. I suggest we rally for a work your commute trainers to work day? What do you think?
But back to patterns:
Rule 2 pick one patterned item, and stick to it.
If you are a pattern newbie, getting away with multiple clashing prints is going to be more of a challenge. To reference SATC hell knows where Carrie’s urge for multi-patterning (yes I made that word up) or a pattern – whore (wow that was aggressive maybe?) would have ended up without the help of Patricia Field.
Select one of the colors of the print and match them with a color from your outfit, and wear 3 colors in total.
If you’re feeling more brave, stick to a black and white pattern i.e. tiny white elephants and opt for tonal shades of color on top i.e. matching the ivory fur coat with its tonal colored buddy: the sandbox pochette.
Rule 3
If you want to spice up outfit stick to the 3 color rule and add pops of patterned color in the form of a scarf, bracelets, bags, a straw hat, neon feather earrings, printed bandana headgear. (It is Coachella season after all). If you want to spice up your life though try the two toni bun hairstyle and relive the 90’s Spice Girl glory.

PHOTO CREDIT [Pinterest]
Graphic pattern bags for SS16

Rule 4
NO rules at all. In essence prints are a way to be more playful and have fun with your outfit while remaining chic. So don’t restrict on the leopard, stripes or polka dot prints of yesteryear: ice cream cones, watermelon bits, cherries or …elephants the choices are truly endless.
And one final note
Rule 5
Go for patterned chinoiserie aka pajamas. My H&M print overalls are very close to crossing the line from outerwear to loungewear and I love it. Again match it with an utterly sleek and sultry suit jacket, a chinoiserie insider bomber jacket or a beautifully crafted japanese top.
What did you think?
Send me your comments and photos below or on twitter using the hashtag  #geeprints