Brows, they have transformed from the least important facial feature to the main focus in the last few years. Brows can frame your face, but be careful, depending on your face shape you may need to go for a different brow. When reshaping your brows, make sure not to over pluck.


Oval face shapes suit most looks, but a classic well balanced brow is best. Go for a soft angle, with a slight arch. Because an oval face is already well balanced, you don’t need a strong brow to frame.


Sorry heart shaped ladies, but the bushy brow trend donned by the likes of Cara Delevingne and Emilia Calrke isn’t for you. Your small jaw means that you want to emphasise the upper half of your face, therefore a well groomed brow is a must for you. Thin brows are never cute, but overgrown ones aren’t for you either- you need to find the perfect balance.

Most brow experts will tell you that the brow should end parallel to the corner of your eye, which is true for every other face shape, but not for you long ladies. You want to extend your features horizontally because naturally they are vertically stretched. Therefore, extend the brow past the corner of your eye, and go for for a flatter eyebrow shape.


Your strong jawline should be matched by a strong brow. The stronger the jaw, the greater the angle. Angelina Jolie is a good woman to look to for inspiration, her brows make her features (even more) striking.


In order to counteract the roundness of your face, you want your brows to give your face more definition. Thus, an angled brow, with a higher arch is best suited to you!

You gals want to go for a soft, curved brow because your temple is the widest part of your face and you don’t want to accentuate that by having an angular shape! With all this brow knowledge, you can now go forth and conquer the eyebrow game.

Hence forth with the SLAYage…

IMAGE CREDITS: Buzzfeed, Pinterest

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