Debate: In favor of elephant print overalls

PHOTO CREDIT [Trendstop] Print Moodboard for SS16
If you’re browsing through your closet with frustration, trying on clothes and realizing that nothing really meshes well together or that your outfits are mediocre or mmmK.. it means that your closet suffers from Vitamin A or P deficiency. A for accessories and P is for Prints or Patterns. Thank you.
Intergrating patterns into your daily wardrobe can become an arduous task especially if it involves mixing and matching a wide plethora of colors and or fabrics.
So, rule 1: Start small
Mondays or how to wear elephant print
Choose a light, demure pattern preferably in black and white and match it with any type of clothing. Here I’ve paired my elephant printed overalls (which I’m very proud of thanks) with an orange sweater, off white faux fur coat, white high top Vans and light tan colored pochette. (I love saying pochette instead of a mini bag)
Personally, I love tying in sneakers with girlier outfits or how about a slip dress over your Adidas jacket?
PHOTO CREDIT [Just Jared] Kim Kardashian in workout glam at NYC
Athleisure is still going strong so why not pair a beautiful silk slip dress (very on trend and 90’s grunge chic) with a pair of Vans high tops or Adidas. I don’t know if second wave feminism had anything to do with it, but I can assure you millions of women everywhere are thanking the gods of fashion that are denoting the scary stiletto heels of seasons past. I suggest we rally for a work your commute trainers to work day? What do you think?
But back to patterns:
Rule 2 pick one patterned item, and stick to it.
If you are a pattern newbie, getting away with multiple clashing prints is going to be more of a challenge. To reference SATC hell knows where Carrie’s urge for multi-patterning (yes I made that word up) or a pattern – whore (wow that was aggressive maybe?) would have ended up without the help of Patricia Field.
Select one of the colors of the print and match them with a color from your outfit, and wear 3 colors in total.
If you’re feeling more brave, stick to a black and white pattern i.e. tiny white elephants and opt for tonal shades of color on top i.e. matching the ivory fur coat with its tonal colored buddy: the sandbox pochette.
Rule 3
If you want to spice up outfit stick to the 3 color rule and add pops of patterned color in the form of a scarf, bracelets, bags, a straw hat, neon feather earrings, printed bandana headgear. (It is Coachella season after all). If you want to spice up your life though try the two toni bun hairstyle and relive the 90’s Spice Girl glory.
PHOTO CREDIT [Pinterest]
Graphic pattern bags for SS16
Rule 4
NO rules at all. In essence prints are a way to be more playful and have fun with your outfit while remaining chic. So don’t restrict on the leopard, stripes or polka dot prints of yesteryear: ice cream cones, watermelon bits, cherries or …elephants the choices are truly endless.
And one final note
Rule 5
Go for patterned chinoiserie aka pajamas. My H&M print overalls are very close to crossing the line from outerwear to loungewear and I love it. Again match it with an utterly sleek and sultry suit jacket, a chinoiserie insider bomber jacket or a beautifully crafted japanese top.
What did you think?
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