Top 5: Summer Dresses

Looking for your perfect summer dress? From polished boho, to off the shoulder romanticism, bold geometrical stripes, and old Hollywood glam, we have compiled a vastly diverse edit of ethereal dresses that will enhance your wardrobe repertoire all summer long.

  1. Off the shoulder

Spanish romantic details and bare shoulders are this season’s undeniably winning trends. Reminiscent of a young Bardot strolling around the streets of the French provence, this Morde dress by Maje infuses femininity due to the full midi skirt with box pleats for extra bounce. Pair it with wedges, and a floppy straw hat, to attend a glamorous summer garden party.

  1. The New Flower Power

Blush pastel shades and flashes of high-octane rainbow colors are the way to nail this season’s resurgence of the flower pattern. Opt for this Victorian-esque creation by Italian designer Giambattista Valli for the ultimate feminine aesthetic, crafted with floaty silk. The high neckline and oversized romantic ruffles in pastel pink and purple, clash beautifully with thick black trims. The silver flower brooches pay homage to the swinging 60’s.

  1. Geometric Stripes 

This season, stripes are asymmetrical, bold and unexpected. Even Missoni have departed from their routine thin lines, to introduce a 60’s inspired tuRunner in this multi-coloured mini this season. Woven in a geometric patteRunner, this sleeveless statement dress vigorously uplifts your classic sandals and clutch bag.

  1. Bold Color Glam

Inject an instant pop of color by sporting this bright red midi dress from Maje. The luxurious and sumptuous fabric, drapes perfectly on the feminine silhouette due to its floaty and fluid design. Pair it with an elegant box clutch, strappy heels and a bold red lipstick, perfect for any warm summer soirée.

  1. Summer Festival Ready

Innocent white crochet and lace dresses will be your go-to staples for summer festival season. Try this IRO Yante Crochet dress, crafted with pure cotton, leaf-inspired embroidering and crochet detailing. Pair it with embellished sandals or bold wedge heels and a seventies saddle bag, filled with your summer beauty essentials.

Reimagining Denim

Stylist: Lina Psaila

Photographer: Justin Ash

Model: Julia Gosslop

STORM Models London

Punk Differentia

A unique blend between a raw 90s Courtney Love, the punk authenticity of Debbie Harry combined with a polished sparkly midi skirt for the glam girl who doesn’t mind letting go and wearing her combat boots with her Christian Dior encrusted cross, o a night out.

Lina Psaila (1 of 14)

Lina Psaila (10 of 14)

Lina Psaila (4 of 14)

Warrior Cockette

Sporting the new version of a typical military jacket styled with vintage pearls, a sleek black bodysuit and thigh high boots, for the post-feminist warrior queen who channels power and sultriness in one chic outfit.

Andrea Lopez - Katina Jongezoon - Antonia Anggono (3 of 24)

Andrea Lopez - Katina Jongezoon - Antonia Anggono (1 of 24)

New Romantics

Inspired by Audrey Hepbourn strumming her guitar on a balcony while humming the lyrics to “Moon River”, this outfit is a testament to the chic factor of denim in everyday occasions. The distressed jeans and cut-outs with cropped hem are very on trend for SS16. The shirts are tucked and synched giving definition and volume to the the chest while adding major romantic and a French riviera-esque feel to the outfit.

Nunthanut Eursirisub -Charlotte van Heyningen (4 of 17)

Nunthanut Eursirisub -Charlotte van Heyningen (3 of 17)

Nunthanut Eursirisub -Charlotte van Heyningen (11 of 17)

Nunthanut Eursirisub -Charlotte van Heyningen (17 of 17)

Personal Style: The 70’s/90’s resurgence experiment

Last week, I wrote about the seventies trend and the chunky heel spectacular.

This week I tried to incorporate it myself.



I have to say that what we’re experiencing now is a mixture of the authentic seventies trend, through its resurgence in the 90’s and with a few touches of 2015/2016 #freethenipple and #iamcait influences.

So, I incorporated the chunky post-punk chunky heeled bootie, with a 90’s inspired mini pastel blue skirt, a 70’s inspired black roll neck with round cut outs in the waist, a 90’s influenced coat (I found this in a vintage shop in Brick Lane for 18 pounds by the way and I absolutely love it). The draping is very 90s detective movie, so I pretend that I’m government official spy from time to time, and I use the oversized collar to call for reinforcements or backup.(True story).

I finished the look with a camel colored hat, which cheekily is made from wool (it was such a cold day –sorry), but if you want to incorporate it to a similar look I would suggest going for a straw floppy hat and add a colorful floral scarf to really get intro the Mai 68 spirit.

What do you think?

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