7 gadgets to make flights more enjoyable


Photo Credit [Pinterest.com] Vintage flight attendant style
Summer season is upon us. Whether you’ve been dreaming a week in the Caribbean, a 4night stay in Morocco or a month of island hopping in Greece, you will need to get there some how. By plane usually.


But cramming in a confined space for at least 4 hours if traveling in Europe or god knows how long if you’re crossing the Atlantic, you’ll definitely need a few cool ways to relax, decompose and actually enjoy the trip. It’s the journey, not the destination after all that matters. Ok the exotic destination matters too.


1.Noise Canceling Headphones

Photo Credit [DigitalTrends.com] Sony MDR-ZX750BN Noise Canceling EarPhones
Babies, long chats in the back seat from someone who has never been to the cost of Malta and want to know everything on the flight, or god forbid a lover’s spat, there’s nothing worst than noise in a confined space at 30,000 feet. But fear not my dear Galante reader. Sony has produced great quality headphones that act as a sonic buffer between you and any source of noise. Sit back, relax and enjoy your Taylor Swift album or the latest Game of Thrones episode on your iPad without any distractions.


  1. The Butt Pad

Photo Credit [Magellan’s] Butt Pad
Apparently not one but a few companies out there decided to capitalize on uncomfortable airline seats and provide the support your derriere desperately needs while on a flight. To be honest, I haven’t come across many airlines that provide desperately crappy seating but if you fly on a budget airline, you’ll need all the extra comfort you can get. Magellan has a vast variety of seat cushions in its in-flight-comfort category, including an inflatable version for extra support on your back and posterior. Head to SkyMall for a gell-filled seat which is though accompanied by a hefty price tag.


  1. That Neck Pillow

Neck pillows are essential on long haul flights. There are two types: The absolutely important/ sleek designed ones and the incredibly embarrassing ones that feel like your head is resting on a cloud. If you go for the first category try an oxygen pillow, which is small, made from white-latex foam and converts into an easy to carry bundle.If you don’t mind spending a few more quid on a quality product, try the Sushi Pillow that rolls into a minuscule gizmo when not in use.

Time for the embarrassing: The popular Ostrich pillow that slips underneath your entire head, and looks like a funny religious head gear or the Traverest pillow for ultimate support in a telephone-shaped product,


  1. The Blankie-Wear

Infomercials ¬†will have you know that there’s nothing better than bedding as outerwear. That fusion translates into the wearable blanket. Thankfully, there are some elegant choices out there so you will not necessarily end up looking like a crazy person in a peculiar blanket garment. Try the Pajancho for comfort and some elegance points or if you simply do not care about public opinion try the Slanket and enjoy your flight to the fullest.


  1. Happy Feet

Photo Credit [Magellan’s]: Foot Rest
Have you ever been on a flight and thanked the creators of that specific plane for manufacturing the foot rest. I know, I have. But much to my dismay, there are many ungrateful plane manufacturers out there that simply don’t care about stretched out, well rested feet. In those circumstances, you can look to SkyMall for a little fold-up plastic one. Or head to Magellan’s for a squishy inflatable one called the Business Class Footrest that sounds too good to pass up, especially when traveling Coach.


  1. Portable Charger
Hands-Free Portable Power Charger

Wi-Fi is more common now on flights but power outlets remain limited. Which means charging all your devices prior to the entire trip, (but what if you’re 3 hours away from the airport?) and praying to god that they will last you until you reach your destination. Unless of course you purchase a Portable Charger. Try one that connects via a USB port with multiple capacities and designs like the Lumsing Power Bank.


  1. Laptop Stand

Photo Credit [Hongiat.com] Wood Laptop Stand for Digital Nomads
I always say to myself that I will get some work done during a flight but I never do. You know why? Partially because I rather enjoy flipping through magazines and getting some shut eye and partially because my lovely co-passenger has leaned back tipping my tray into an impossible angle for my poor laptop to stand a chance. A portable laptop stand though raises the sight line, while providing a more neck-friendly angle. At the moment I have my eyes set on the Aviator laptop stand that disassembles easily into portable pieces.


Final note:

Other devices/ products/ gizmos that will come in handy are:

Hydration cream for face and hands, smart socks to improve blood circulation, chewing gum to avoid those high-altitude blocked ears, and a cheeky hip flask for relaxation. Enjoy your flight!

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