A SEA OF BERETS & more of the best Paris Fashion Week street style so far..

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We know you may be experiencing street style fatigue as we’re finally on the last ‘instalment’ of Fashion week month, but the fashion pack has truly saved the best for last.Inside PFW, Saint Laurent is causing shockwaves over his dismissal of covering genitalia, Yeezy’s season 6 unpredicted appearance on the PFW calendar, and the fashion gliteratti that range from Carlie Kloss and Bella Hadid to Jennifer Lawrence and Katrine Deneuve are adding their sparkle.

The focus though was also on the street style trends that emerged and made our jaws dropped and our hands ready to click buy. We still have a few days to go until Paris Fashion Week 2018 draws to a close we rounded-up our favourite trends every street style photographer was dying to snap all week!

Black leather berets have been trending for a while now, and though many French women might cringe at the accessory item for being overly associated to their style culture, most fashion influencers, street style stars and fashion editors made a serious nod to it by sporting it on most events. Only this time the styling was quite differentiated. A manly beret cap was often juxtaposed to a ball gown see Carlie Kloss for example or worn as part of a masculine khaki dungarees.

There’s always bound to be a bit of quintessentially Parisian trends during PFW. Apart from the beret styled in unexpected ways, the myriads of fashionistas also paid homage to the city of lights by going for extremely romantic ladylike dresses. The street style crowd didn’t shy away from goinf full on Carrie Bradshaw at times (see Chiara Ferragni’s pattern collision for example). Other street style stars going for the romantic dress look included Olivia Palermo, Roberta Benteler, and Carlie Kloss.

This trend has resurfaced from the early 00’s that are having a moment. Think Pink (literally) back in the day in her top-to-bottom white leather moto cross ensemble as she threw a motorbike through her ex-boyfriends window quite dramatically in one of her videos. Christina Aguilera also went simirarly bike crazy in Dirrty. Two weeks ago Rihanna made the resurgence official by dedicating her entire Fenty x Puma collection to the infamous naughts trend. Fashion influencers obviously took notice and sported the trend during PFW.

THE NEW CHLOE: Natacha Ramsay- Levi’s much anticipated debut

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Natacha Ramsay- Levi made her much anticipated Chloe debut bringing a fresh and edgy to the Parisian fashion House. She is the first French woman to navigate the brand. Karl Lagerfeld and a few British designers for example Stella McCartney and Clare Waight – Keller, now at Givenchy, helmed the carefree brand. It’s been associated with a fun loving pretty girl who loves fashion and being comfortable at the same time.

Chloe’s founder Gaby Aghion, ensured to infuse these values since the inception of Chloe back in 1952. With that ethos as a starting poing 37-year-old Natacha Ramsay- Levi created a collection that explored the past and heritage and found innovative ways with which she could leave her permanent statement to the brand – and ultimately making it relevant for 2017.

For example she took the quintessentially bohemian brand and embellished it with a few rock and edgy details inspired by her mentor Nicholas Ghesquiere. She also transformed the sequin extravaganza that defined this fashion week by recreating a modern Joan d’Arc. Delicate chiffon dresses, scattered ruffles while Victorian blouses were given a much needed fierceness paired with studded mini skirts, leather, lace, and experimentations with tailoring.

IMAGE CREDITS: Instagram, Telegraph

Style Centric: Meghan Markle

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 16.38.50A few days after she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair proclaiming her love for her beau, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first appearance together an an official event on the royal calendar (although they were forced to sit 18 seats apart due to royal protocol). The event was the opening of the Invictus Games in Toronto, Meghan’s hometown. The Games, were created by Prince Harry and have been karmic to their relationship. They met for the first time last year when the royal was doing promotion in Canada.

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The couple, has managed to keep a relatively low profile since they first started dating in July 2016. Later, Harry confirmed their relationship in November 2016, and made a plea to the social media trolls to stop the “wave of abuse and harassment” against Meghan.
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Apart from Prince Harry, her charity work and being part of the very successful Suits cast for a few seasons now, Meghan Markle has an amazing sense of style: smart, eclectic and laid back. She can sport a pair of PVC leggings with a sweater and a white crisp shirt for afternoon drinks. In the daytime, we’ ve seen her doing a very cool version of the double denim look, topped with ballerina pointy flats and a very hygge mohair trench coat. She also has a very modern take on business casual by pairing a matching grey blazer and shorts with sexy red pumps and duffle bag.
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For a weekend day out you’ll see her in black dungarees over a stripped shirt offset by red pumps while she looked absolutely stunning in a red ethereal long dress for a premiere in LA.
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SUITS YOUR STYLE: The Classic Allure of the Pantsuit

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From Stella McCartney to Victoria Beckham the suiting trend was already cemented last February as the AW17 trends were unveiled during fashion week. Inspired by power women especially Hillary Rodham Clinton the pantsuit has made a serious comeback which is now more evident than ever.

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Cate Blanchett, Diane Keaton and Chloe Sevigny were among the stars donning the power suit look during Fashion Week. But they weren’t alone. Top models, fashion editors, street stylers and influencers were heralding this international uniform which is also in the same tone as September’s back to school vibe. We absolutely love how this suit trend can be translated in many variations.
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From checks, to black sleek suits on Helena Christensen and Candice Swanepoel to the ultimate classic Annie Hall on Diane Keaton and her major influence on the Ralph Lauren brand. This time, she commemorated the fashion house by wearing a buttoned-up plus tie at the Ralph Lauren show and reminding us of her understated classic elegance.
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Want to adopt the pantsuit look this fall?


DANSE LENTE (dance slow it-bag)

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Every fashion week, apart from the major trends emerging on the catwalk and on the street, we’re bound to come across a few items that are trending and adored by every editor, influencer and buyer on site.

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One of those It bags – gaining more Instagram traffic than Kylie Jenner’s baby bump (ok maybe not as much but still up there) is the up-and-coming UK label Danse Lente. Translating to “slow dance” in French, Danse Lente’s debut collection is inspired by the angular shapes and clean lines of modern architecture.
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This London-based brand works with skilled craftsmen, creating structural and voluminous bags that have already caught the eye of street style stars like Pandora Sykes and Eva Chen.
Although most items are sold out you can find the entire collection here
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IMAGE CREDITS: Instagram, DanseLente


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One of the most anticipated movies of the season is Battle of The Sexes starring Emma Stone and Steve Carell. The movie is based on the true story of female tennis player Billie Jean King who faced Bobby Riggs in a nationally televised exhibition match.

Refusing to let male misogyny dominate the courts. In the film, 29-year-old King is tired of the gender inequality in a sport where women were so shockingly deemed inferior as a means to justify the wage gap. So King, who had just won the 1972 US Open, finds out that the United States Lawn Tennis Association has announced a new prize fund, offering eight times less for women. This fuels her ambition to launch the Women’s Tennis Association in order to provide an equal working space for women.
This irritates most male players including ex-pro Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) who challenges her to the most proficient test – a match or battle of the sexes which in his mind will prove that women are in fact inferior and thus deserve a lesser pay. Directing duo Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine) have recounted these events in Battle of the Sexes.
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Movie goers should be prepared for everyday sexism casually falling out of almost every male character’s mouth (“It’s not your fault, it’s biology!”) 
Apart from the women’s issues and serious Oscar buzz, the film is filled with exquisite 70s fashion moments. From the perfect tennis outfits, wide legged jeans and extra geek chic glasses taking centre stage throughout.
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Battle of the Sexes will be released in the UK on 22 November.