A SEA OF BERETS & more of the best Paris Fashion Week street style so far..

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We know you may be experiencing street style fatigue as we’re finally on the last ‘instalment’ of Fashion week month, but the fashion pack has truly saved the best for last.Inside PFW, Saint Laurent is causing shockwaves over his dismissal of covering genitalia, Yeezy’s season 6 unpredicted appearance on the PFW calendar, and the fashion gliteratti that range from Carlie Kloss and Bella Hadid to Jennifer Lawrence and Katrine Deneuve are adding their sparkle.

The focus though was also on the street style trends that emerged and made our jaws dropped and our hands ready to click buy. We still have a few days to go until Paris Fashion Week 2018 draws to a close we rounded-up our favourite trends every street style photographer was dying to snap all week!

Black leather berets have been trending for a while now, and though many French women might cringe at the accessory item for being overly associated to their style culture, most fashion influencers, street style stars and fashion editors made a serious nod to it by sporting it on most events. Only this time the styling was quite differentiated. A manly beret cap was often juxtaposed to a ball gown see Carlie Kloss for example or worn as part of a masculine khaki dungarees.

There’s always bound to be a bit of quintessentially Parisian trends during PFW. Apart from the beret styled in unexpected ways, the myriads of fashionistas also paid homage to the city of lights by going for extremely romantic ladylike dresses. The street style crowd didn’t shy away from goinf full on Carrie Bradshaw at times (see Chiara Ferragni’s pattern collision for example). Other street style stars going for the romantic dress look included Olivia Palermo, Roberta Benteler, and Carlie Kloss.

This trend has resurfaced from the early 00’s that are having a moment. Think Pink (literally) back in the day in her top-to-bottom white leather moto cross ensemble as she threw a motorbike through her ex-boyfriends window quite dramatically in one of her videos. Christina Aguilera also went simirarly bike crazy in Dirrty. Two weeks ago Rihanna made the resurgence official by dedicating her entire Fenty x Puma collection to the infamous naughts trend. Fashion influencers obviously took notice and sported the trend during PFW.

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