This season the leopard print becomes more of a day-to-day piece of clothing than a statement piece necessarily. The days of wearing it with scepticism and frugality are almost long gone. This time it’s more about wearing it as a black shirt, goes with any pattern any colour or attitude your imagination can fathom.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 17.02.18Although there was a misconception that a leopard overload can become tacky the truth is only the quality of the leopard print item in question can determine the elegance of the outfit. Because it had been associated with Christian Dior in the 50’s to true rockstar glam in the 60’s onwards with David Bowie and Debby Harry in the 80’s making it almost a piece of their trademark look. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain gave it a much-needed grunge boost in the 90’s.

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Nowadays, Leandra Medine from ManRepeller did an impressive double (but not identical) leopard print number, matching it with red strappy heels. Olivia Palermo clashes patterns of leopard print and checks while Alexa Chung goes for an animal print faux fur over short party dresses.

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Street style during this fashion month has also been flocked with many variations of leopard print: from pochettes, to mules, jackets, shirts or leggings the animal print has proved itself as one of the most fun ways to be fashionable this season!

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