Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 16.09.42You may be stumped upon what jewellery to get this Valentine’s day and a piece of jewellery is always a safe bet. You may want to get a gift for your best gal pal or may even one to treat yourself to a little anti-Valentine’s day gifting to celebrate your badass singledom.

There’s a certain personal element when buying a piece of jewellery for someone. It means that you’re truly aware of their individual style that rarely follows trends. After examining the style of the person that will wear the gift choose between modern and classic. For a classic look go for minimal stacked gold enamel or raw earthy touches. For modern try maximalist colour, chunky silhouettes, layering and funky design.

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When it comes to earrings opt for tassel, chandelier or statement architectural earrings to be completely on trend for this season. The earrings are meant to be the main focal point so keep the rest of the outfit muted for immense effect. For a classic look go for drop earrings or a pair of pearl earrings and wear them with an evening look or a smart casual outfit.

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Get a bunch of pendants to layer, including gold hoops in different sizes or statement rings that say something about you. The layering and the choice of an accessory here will communicate your individuality.

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For a black-tie event go for a matching necklace or choose a necklace with multiple layers for a nonchalant effect that is oh-so-chic.

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Opt for an array of bold and colourful bracelets for your maximalist friend otherwise known as “arm party”. The effect is a joyful blend of materials and colours that can easily act as one comprehensive accessory. Avoid adding any other piece of jewellery such as  drop earrings or necklaces and keep the attention to your bracelets.

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