HOW TO GO VEGAN – 4 Essential Tips

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 17.34.41From Alicia Silverstone to Olivia Wilde, Ellen DeGeneres, and Lea Michelle are only a few of the celebrities that swear by veganism. Some started for health issues, for example, Wilde discovered she was lactose intolerant, others to gain glowing skin, whilst others did it for simply loving animals. But how easy is it to go vegan and where do you start?

Transitioning to a vegan diet can be challenging so one of the best ways is to start slow and decide on a method that works best for you. We’ve rounded up the best tips to go vegan today.

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Learn as much as you can about how you can nourish your body based on a plant-based diet and start familiarising with reading ingredient lists on the back of products. Start paying attention to new and potentially yummy vegan products at your local grocery store and keep informed about health benefits that might motivate you to stay vegan.

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Instead of fearing the items that you will have to subtract from your diet such as meat and dairy products focus on adding all of the items you’ll have more of such as: Whole grain, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and tofu into your diet. Start collecting and experimenting with vegan recipes that appeal to you. Find a non-dairy alternative such as almond or soy. Experiment to discover which option you like best.

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It’s will get increasingly harder when you get a burger craving, for example, keep your goal and motivation clear in your mind so you can ride through any craving ride.

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Going vegan can be daunting so why not try veganism first? Get used to subtracting meat, fish, and poultry from your diet without replacing them with eggs and milk for protein consumption. Instead, amp up your veggie protein intake.

Turning to veganism is a challenging yet a very beneficial approach to our nutrition and also to our sense of ethical living. Push the limits of what you think is possible and you’ll reap the rewards of a more conscious lifestyle. Start your journey today!

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