HOW TO MAKE A TURMERIC LATTE & 6 reasons why it’s amazing for your body.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 15.15.57Happy February! This is the month of LOVE, Lurveeee. An opportunity to show your emotions to your loved ones, including friends and family but most importantly it’s a chance to give yourself some LOVE. Self- Love and Care that is. We hear that truly loving yourself means taking care of your mind and body.  So sit back relax, cosy up to your sofa with a blanket a good book and a healthy hot drink: The Turmeric Latte.

You have probably been hearing about the benefits of turmeric for a while now and you might have been intrigued to try a cup of turmeric latte, the bonified staple drink of the health conscious. Its recipe is quite simple, actually. Take a batch of cold-pressed turmeric juice and mix it with almond, cashew or coconut milk. Before you switch your morning tea or coffee brew to the golden milk (as it’s also referred) we take a look at the benefits of turmeric.

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Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that fight the skin’s tendencies for redness and irritation while its anti-bacterial qualities make it perfect for protecting against acne and blemishes.


Turmeric produces curcumin which has a number of medicinal properties. It’s known to protect against Alzheimer’s disease by increasing memory function is also promotes the repair of brain cells.


Curcumin also protects against muscle pain including joint pain and arthritis. So it’s perfect for gym newbies.

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Its anti-inflammatory properties make turmeric one of the perfect hot drinks when fighting a cold. Also due to its anti-parasitic qualities, it can help prevent stomach ulcers and reduce infection in the gut.


According to researchers, curcumin can aid in managing depression, without the possible side effects of an anti-depressive medicine.


Turmeric has been found to reduce the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body while increasing the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol. So maybe it’s worthwhile switching to that gold milk for a while? What do you think? Send your comments below!

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