FRENCH GIRL STYLE GUIDE- Did you know about these 5 tips​?

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You may think that the seemingly unobtainable French girl look is farfetched but that’s actually a myth. It is nevertheless one of the most searched terms on Google alongside Justin Bieber. The entire world wonders about that categorically Parisian chic factor that is both unequivocally elegant yet incredibly effortless. No one can contend that adopting that relaxed attitude towards dressing requires great knowledge of fashion fundamentals in order to strike that fine je ne sais quoi between style and nonchalance.
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So next time you hit the city of lights opt for simple and chic basics and you’ll blend right in with the uber fashionable Parisian crowd. A quality shirt teamed with a pair of jeans that hugs your silhouette perfectly is the perfect way to get yourself started on French style eloquence.
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The term effortlessly chic was created initially to describe that elusive French hairstyle which includes rarely brushing your precious locks. Or at least make them seem wild enough to show that you had an amazing time last night.
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One of the most characteristic nuances of Gallic wardrobes is mini skirts and dresses. We are not sure how come a nation has been blessed with excellent pins but that’s probably why French girls have been fluent in showcasing them. Try a micro denim skirt with white sneakers and an all-purpose blazer.
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As any well composed French girl will admit there’s nothing more unattractive than a woman trying to balance on high heels. Comfort is your French Style key. Opt for heels that are comfortable enough that you can go grocery shopping at the market all day or party all night. Mules and brogues are an excellent and Parisian chic approved choice.
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Investing in great outerwear is another rule most French girls abide by. Whether they’re bomber jackets, biker jackets, boho duster coats, embellished or faux fur they’re always ready to splurge for a coat that works. It’s also a clever way to remain elegant while wearing a very basic wardrobe underneath the coat.
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If you have any more French girl styling tips, share them below!  🙂

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