Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 16.08.28For the past few seasons, we have noticed the charcoal appearing just about everywhere. From our healthcare routines to our dental care, facecare even as a detergent for our dishes. There have been numerous studies and articles anyway about the unequivocal benefits of using charcoal in our everyday routines. So where can you use charcoal and which are the individual benefits? Don’t worry we have you covered. Just read on below for more tips:

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Charcoal has amazing whitening properties for teeth. It can really accelerate the process by removing persistent stains and discolourations. But be careful you cannot use it more than a few times per week. Also, if you choose to use it don’t be taken aback the first time when you apply it as it will make your entire mouth black. Just rinse thoroughly after brushing and it should leave you with a white sparkling smile.

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Just like with dental care, charcoal has amazing benefits for cleaning dishes. Just add a small spoonful of raw charcoal in your regular detergent and you’ll notice instant amazing results. Works great not only for removing stains but also for making stainless steel look extra shiny! Double whammy, more for your money!

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You may have noticed this trend emerging last year of adding a bit of charcoal to our nutrition. And for good reason. Activated charcoal prevents cellular damage to kidneys and liver. It also helps the body flush out the toxins and chemicals that cause the damage. Expect charcoal lemonades, charcoal lattes even pitch black charcoal pancakes!

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Probably the most popular lifestyle use of activated charcoal is for our facial routines. Opt for a charcoal-infused face cleanser or scrub to remove impurities from your face. Add a charcoal mask which works wonders on black spots and age discolourations. Just make sure to moisturize thoroughly after application for the best results!

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