STOCKHOLM FASHION WEEK: The Best from Street Style

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Stockholm Fashion week just ended Tuesday offering us a glimpse of that all promising Scandi aesthetic both on the catwalks as well as the streets of the Swedish capital.Stockholm Fashion Week is underway showing us how polar dressing is impeccably executed. Without a doubt, Scandis can turn winter dressing into an effortless affair with enviable flair.

As Stockholm Fashion week came to a close, natives and visitors alike showed up in their best outerwear including bright pink cocoon coats and teddy bear faux fur creations. Their practical and minimal nature was presented in footwear where the Scandis were all about comfort. So ditch the high heel extravaganza and opt for thick-soled shoes whether their trainers, platforms or even brogue hybrids.

Even though Scandi fashion has long been associated with minimalism, and practicality locals took a different approach this year. We’re almost missing those grey black and white tightly edited looks. This time it was mostly about maximalism.

Want to emulate the Scandi 2.0. look? Have a look at our edit below:

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Take cues from Stockholm – based fashion blogger Caroline Blomstor Swedish blogger Felicia Akerstrom Ma and rock the colourful and furry coat that will keep you uber cosy and stylish.

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Who said you had to sport heels to be stylish? This year it’s all about true Scandi functionality. So opt for your fave comfy trainer, brogue or platform for any event.

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Perhaps your most versatile piece of clothing and yet the most challenging to hunt down. It’s easy to follow a trend but it takes a while to find out which style compliments each individual style. Take a pick from our selection below.

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Why should Stockholm evade the omnipresent trend of checks you ask? They shouldn’t and they definitely did not. Time to elevate your wardrobe with a few check items stat!

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What would Stockholm fashion week be without a little hygge? This time employ the method of a crazy long scarf to wrap it around your neck in a loose or more tightly fashion for the ultimate winter-chic look!

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