Best Gym Bags 2018

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A new year doesn’t necessarily have to mean a new you – but a better you. We all make these very ambitious resolutions near December 31st that we rarely keep past the first few weeks of January, so this year we suggest taking time to make realistic projections, for a better edition of you! Before you sign up for every single workout class close to your apartment or office why not prioritise the workouts that actually make you happy and that you’re more likely to follow all year long? From a zumba class, to ballet and barrecore, HIIT training or Hot Yoga, there’s definitely a class for you.

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Moving from office to the gym and bag means that you have to do it in style. And though a tiny bag might be appealing (thank you Kendall Jenner!) might not be practical for you. If you have a locker at the gym feel free to sport a fanny pack or tiny bag. It will actually save you the trouble of carrying your bag from the office or at least you can sport it to after gym drinks with ease.
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On the other hand, you can also go for a more classic choice of an oversized duffle bag where you can store your energy drink, protein bar, towels and a clean set of clothes. There, you’re all workout ready!

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