Has the white trainer replaced all footwear?


I’m so freaking happy. Not only because we’re getting some decent weather in dreary London, but mostly because athleisure is still going strong (from velvet hoodies, to socks with heels and basic tees under your expensive leopard print coat – I did say leopard with excitement you’re right!) and white trainers are getting the a-list treatment they deserve- especially during London & Milan fashion week -street style.

That comes as no surprise since the repositioning of the sneaker into high-end status mostly from luxury brands [think Celine, Rick Owens, Balenciaga] trying to take a bite from the athleisure trend, has been well under way. Said brands have incorporated the sneaker into their production mill, elevating the humble trainer from streetwear stalwart to an accessible luxury branded product connecting them to a much larger audience.

On the other hand, iconic sport brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma have turned to profitable collaborations with luxury designers – most notably Rick Owens x Adidas and FENTY by Puma – to create a melting pot of design, fashion and mass appeal.

So for the past season, the trainer has been successfully standing in for your smart-casual flats, your office kitten heel, and even dare-I-say it your evening glam heels?

Here are 3 occasions where the trainer can infuse that all important joie-de -vivre, (because of the comfort) Spring 2017 style. Yaas.

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The heel stand-in

It’s not the first time that culture has gracefully relieved us from the pain of pairing dresses with heels. The 90s grunge movement was kind enough to let us enjoy unapologetically romantic dresses juxtaposed by the heavy almost aggressive Dr Marten boots. In 2017, the backdrop isn’t comfort in the name of teenage angst, and artistic despair of the 90s but rather a futuristic and tech-forward approach to romanticism. For example (as seen above) the bubble like effect (reminiscent of Balenciaga) in a bold and extremely joyful multi-colored pattern that contrasts with a very futuristic and chunky white trainer. On the other hand, you have a romantic tennis shoe playing beautifully with a metallic/ futuristic skirt bringing up once again the romantic tech atmosphere discussion.

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The Casual stand-in

This is where the trainer feels more at its rightful place. The casual element that defines it wants to hang out with other casual inclined type of clothing like sweats, hoodies and jeans. And even though opposites attract it’s always nice to spend quality time in your tribe. Yes, I’m still talking about clothing and denim in particular.

For the past year, we’ve been witnessing the cropped hem denim as often as Kylie Jenner changes wigs. I love this particular design because it allows you to be as casual or as polished as you please. For example, you can glam it up by pairing it with Carrie Bradshaw- inspired furry slippers, a pair of metallic slim boots (in lavender please) or tone it down with a pair of your chosen trainers.Finish the look off with an oversized sweater (as seen above).


P.S. The logo mania of the early naughts has returned. Just look at LOEWE last year and Gucci. If you can afford the £975 for the GUCCI sweatshirt and pair it with your £60 worth Vans trainer you will have accomplished the perfect amagalm of mix and match circa 2017.

The Office Look stand – in

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For years the busy New Yorker woman or Londoner would wear her chunky unflattering trainers on the tube on that commute to work and change to the somewhat more appropriate office-friendly kitten heel. But thank the gods of innovation and new wave of feminism that cut the middle man and allowed us to wear the trainer with pride. From the office to lunch and fashion week the trainer has upped its game and can perfectly compliment your smart casual outfit.

So what type of footwear are you giving up in the name of the grand white trainer?

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