8 Big Trends for Fall 2016

It’s been a while since my last post, so as a welcome I prepared a list or an ode to the most awkward season of the year: Fall. When you transition reluctantly from the bare sun kissed skin to the uncomfortable era of jeans, boots, shirts and outerwear with identity crisis – they don’t know if they serve hot or cold temperatures they just hang around like the chameleons they are. During fall we’ve seen it all: from heels paired with socks, to dresses over jeans to long shirts tucked into tiny jackets. Yes, fall is tricky and as we make our move into winter #sigh here are a few trends to keep your body temperature balanced without looking like a hobo.(Come to think of it hobos can be stylish thank you Olsen sisters.)

Cropped turtle neck
Think of the stylish intellectuals like Annie Hall, and Audrey Hepburn. The cropped touch makes this more modern, hip and free-spirited slightly leaning away from the sturdiness of a turtle neck. The turtle-necks started in the 50’s-60’s with the Beatniks, and anti-mainstream, anti-materialism intellectuals they represented the new intellectuals, the informal crowd instead of the royal intellectuals who dominated in the past.
Cropped tops were also really popular amongst dancers, and they are appropriate for movement really popular by American Apparel among others during the 1980’s, with the second most popular trend being leggings.It’s a representative of an anti-nerd
that is still a nerd. An intellectual rebellious persona that is not restricted in movement, sort of.
Long Sleeves
That is the type of garments Chinese women wore in the 1700 and 1800. The puffer sleeves were also used to hold items like money or keys, being embellished with internal pockets. The extra long sleeves were for men as well. Celine and Stella McCartney were big fans on the runway and this trend derives from the romanticism era.
Puffer Jackets
They were invented in 1930 by an avid mountaineer who had a near to death experience while hiking and sporting a wet wool jacket. As a result he came up with  a lightweight and water repellent jacket. The puffer jacket is coming to high fashion combined with evening wear. Potentially because influencers and street-style bloggers who drive fashion are always on the run and on location and have been snapped sporting this trend as they’re carrying their equipment across New York and Paris in the cold. They also need something lightweight and waterproof that will keep them flawless and warm between locations and meetings.
Shades of Tan
Tanning of leather started in the 1500’s. Jill Sanders was one of the first designers to employ it, especially as it’s associated with minimalism.So camel coats, and tan trench coats are back in fashion this season. It’s cosidered a classic hue in the color pallette, depending and if you indulge in a few statement pieces like a coat, a tan skirt and a pair of bell bottoms you’re bound to look elegant around the clock.
Tinsel and metallics in general are such a fun trends that make me want to shimmy next to Liza Minelli in Cabaret. Personally it also reminds me of Christmas and something to look forward to. In the last season tinsel was made popular on the runway by Alexander McQueen, D&G, Fendi and thankfully for our pockets in ASOS.
School Girl Jumpers
Typically worn by school girls in plaid, this trend was born as a sign of youth, and continued learning. Coinciding with the rise of second-wave feminism more women are wearing trousers and it’s a cool way to feminise the look by teaming it up with trousers. Add a long-sleeve well fitted shirt underneath and you’re good to go.
Footwear with fur
Made extremelly popular by Gucci with the mule embellished with fur (see above) that we saw lately by bloggers. Fur has been used in footwear since the cavemen’s need to keep warm, although there’s no much functionality to it, when paired with mules. We see fur being incorporated more and more into footwear to add a little pizaaz to our feet.
Mini bags
Day 7  - Street Style - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016
In the past decade oversized bags were the common trend. Book a ticket to 2005 when Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Nicole Richie were sporting the boho trend carrying they’re humangous designer bags with their Starbucks to-go cup. In 2016, we still carry that cup but hopefully we have become a bit less self-involved a bit more environmentally conscious and maybe even a bit smarter. What? Or at least appear to be. Inspired by the decluttering minimalism trend, the smaller bags are in. Think about purging the un necessary and sticking to the essentials, whether it’s your 18th lipstick or a toxic friend.  As seen on Celine & YSL 🙂

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